‘Tis the season to be Jolly!

It’s the holiday season again and for us here at From The Corner Table, it’s a special holiday season; its been a whole year of this wonderful journey of blogging and sharing my experiences and trysts with all of you.

And to celebrate it, I just felt like giving out something more than just my words. So, we put together gift hampers for a few of my friends and followers in my hometown, Ahmedabad, that will encapsulate all that this blog is about – Travel, Tuck In and Talk!

Here’s a little glimpse into what they’d be getting:

From The Corner Table, #fromthecornertable #giveaways
  1. Travel Memory String – 12 frames for 12 months. An all round the year memory string
  2. Oats & Date bites – baked by me (yes, you can actually get to taste the lovely dishes I’ve been putting up)
  3. Vanilla cake – baked by me
  4. Bookmarks – styled and designed by me (thanks to some wonderful editing softwares out there)
  5. Party game set – a fun game of introspection or a wonderful conversation starter in any party

In addition to this we have gifts from two of our friends too

  1. Kraft Kult sends festive love wrapped in homemade scented candles
  2. NakshiRang presents a lovely stole with our little FTCT plane that will travel with the wearer to all their holidays

Now if you are in Ahmedabad, check out my Facebook page and Instagram handle for more details and to be part of the giveaway. And for those of you who are not in Ahmedabad, I’m sending out e-copies of the travel memory string, bookmarks and party game sets. All you have to do is download, print and enjoy!

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely lovely holiday season.

I shall meanwhile log off to pack some of them hampers!

And here are the printables for you

From The Corner Table - Travel Memory String
From The Corner Table - Party Game Set