Chicken Lettuce Soup Recipe | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Chicken Lettuce Soup

A one-pot soup meal made with leftovers and greens, this is great for a working day dinner or when you’ve got surprise guests Part two of the Lettuce Series as I’ve dubbed it was about throwing things into a large pot to put together a soup – the kind that makes life a whole lot better (read: bearable) when your…

Masala Chicken Soup Recipe | From The Corner Table | Copyright Image

Masala Chicken Soup

A chicken soup spiced with a wholesome Indian spice mix; it’s perfect for activating the tastebuds and ideal on rainy days or gloomy days. June was a difficult month for us. The parents were unwell for the longest time, I was struggling with sleep issues and a series of unfortunate news from around the globe dragged down our mood and…

pumpkin carrot spring onion soup recipe fromthecornertable

Pumpkin Carrot & Spring-Onion Soup

A winter vegetable soup that’s vibrant in taste and health, packed with the superpowers of pumpkin, carrot and the freshness of spring onion; yummy and an excellent meal any time of the day. Winters mean soups, and since we are a trio that loves soups, it’s the perfect guilt-free dinner. A bowl (or two) of a hearty vegetable soup with…