Spring Onion & Paneer Bhurji | Scrambled Spring Onion & Cottage Cheese

Translations, especially when it comes to the names of dishes, make me a little loopy. Especially when I can’t find a word to express a particular aspect of the dish and have to rename it. Or when I do find an English equivalent but (not blaming the language here, no sir!), the emotion is missing…Like, ‘scrambled’ doesn’t really give the…

Panch Ratni Dal | Copyright Image on From The Corner Table

Panch Ratni Dal | Five Mixed Dals

“Do you know what I had for dinner? Dal! Just dal & rice!” my neighbour said, looking at me in amused horror probably hoping this fellow foodie would empathise. I couldn’t. Dal is one of my favourite foods. So much so, that the parents start worrying about my health when I say no to a meal that has dal on…

Spicy Toor Dal | Copyright Image on From The Corner Table

Spicy Toor Dal

My computer is like a labyrinth, an intricate and complex set of things where I keep losing documents. Only to recover them after weeks or in some cases, months. This recipe and photographs are an example! It was part of a ‘dal series’ I’d planned to post on the blog and it had been kept ready sometime in April –…

Slow-cooked Mixed vegetables

Slow-cooked Mixed Vegetables

Between the time I spend in the kitchen for the baking orders and winter laze that makes us want to snuggle under the blanket with a book, the ‘cooking’ mood at home has been at an all-time low. But since one has to eat and I’m doing my best not to succumb to the lures of ‘restaurant food’, Maa has…

Kashke Badamjan by ‘Kitchen Therapy’

The best recipes, in my opinion, come from a mother’s memory. And she is also undoubtedly the best cook in the whole wide world. Little wonder then that I started off my culinary lessons under my mother’s loving and watchful eye. I happened to mention this to Kamini during our conversation that I’ve shared a few days ago. With the…

Aloo Posto | Potatoes in Creamy Poppy Seed Paste

“I’m about to board the flight/train. See you soon.”“Okay. By the way, what do you want for lunch/dinner?”“You know Maa! Moshuri daal, bhaat, ghee maakha aloo sheddo (red lentil soup, steamed rice, mashed potato seasoned with ghee and salt)” This conversation, or a version of it, is repeated each time I am on the way home after travelling for days/weeks/months.…

Aam Dal | Red Lentil & Raw Mango Soup

A news alert two days ago declared that the western part of India will experience monsoon “in 2-3 days”. This means me, along with scores of others, have joined a thousand others sending prayers to the rain gods! But until the rains arrive, I am busy enjoying the last of the mango rush. Like almost every Gujarati household – we…

Bengali Dum Aloo & Begun Bhaaja (Bengali potato curry & fried brinjal), from the corner table, #fromthecornertable

Dum Aloo & Begun Bhaaja | Bengali Potato Curry & Fried Brinjal

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? Down here, the temperature has touched 42°C in what is just the beginning of summer. Local newspapers have reported this to be a heatwave that will likely continue until next week.

I can vouch for the heat – I was felled by a heat stroke on Friday (or was it Saturday?) that saw me moaning and groaning through the weekend. Baking a birthday cake for my father – he completed a glorious 73 years on March 25 – was nothing short of a challenge. It took two botched attempts before I could produce a Lemon Cake with Chocolate Filling & Frosting. Other than that, I was a complete failure at assisting Maa as she whipped up a light vegetarian meal for friends and family who dropped in to help us celebrate.

That was Sunday. Then Monday and Tuesday happened. And being housebound, the days were spent working and organising external hard disks. This led to the rediscovery of photographs from the college years. Days when I had better hair, was chirpier, thinner, had more energy and less acne. Oh yes! I am the poster girl for ‘acne in the 30s’.

But skin woes apart, what struck me was that several of these photographs had been clicked on festive days when I should have been home but was in the hostel.

Exam time was the worst.

The finals would always be in April and I would miss out on celebrating Poila Boishakh, the first day of the lunisolar Bengali calendar – the first day is Poila and the first month is Boishakh.

How I would wish a good soul would invite me home for some yummylicious Bengali food and let me be a part of family time on a festive day. Sigh… that did not happen to me but it did prompt me to ensure wherever I am, a party to celebrate the Poila Boishakh on April 14/15th is a must.

Would you be a Good Samaritan and invite a lone friend home for dinner on April 15 and celebrate their New Year. On that weekend, several communities from India celebrate their New Year so you don’t need to go hunting for your Bengali friend.