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Eight years, a couple of months and a handful of days – that would be a rough estimate of the time I have taken to add the word ‘blogger’ to my resume. Nope. Not joking here. Now you may feel this delay takes procrastination to a new level but that is not the case either. I’ll tell you why…

Oh hold on. Let me say hello first!

A'bad Sarkhej Roja (2)

Hi. I am Rapti Bhaumick. I live in this city called Ahmedabad in the Western part of India and have now spent more than three decades on this planet. Formerly a journalist-and-copy editor by profession, I love stories – others and my own – irrespective of whether I have an audience.

Now it so happened that sometime between that first blog post published late night during a trip to Malaysia in 2008 and these new musings coming your way in 2017, I took a detour for some dragon slaying and demon thrashing in the realms of my mind. And then I left my job to iron out some crinkles in life’s tapestry.

Ironing is a rather interesting chore; being mechanical by nature, it leaves your mind free to wander through the galaxies, visit the superhero universes, drop a tear or two over that long lost college crush, before you return with a thump and realisation that ‘Damn! There is so much I had planned to do but have not!’

So during the life crisis ironing sessions, something of this kind happened to me and I decided to be my own boss and revive my life’s must-achieve list.


This revived list included several things, three of which are happening here and now, as you read this. I decided to travel some more, document these travels and share whatever little I have learned. And what better time to start than in a year where you’ve visited two of the most beautiful places on earth and made your debut as a solo traveller!

I also decided to learn how to cook and bake. And this is where I am going to write about the goof ups and testing times in the kitchen. All of this, with constant support from the family* – Maa, Baba, Didi and BIL – who have all the patience in the world for all of me – the childish, the adamant, the angry, the depressed, the experimenter. #awardwinnerspeech


And Madame Editor, my BFF** since school and now manager, tech person, editor, guide, among other things. #friendslikefamily. Who, coincidentally enough, decided (at around the same time) that she needs to venture out on her own and started a little consulting space called TAB Consultancy. #universethrowingsigns #whenplansfallinplace

I so hope that you will walk along with me as I venture into these new territories. After all, life is made so much more beautiful with a dash of hope, a pinch of love and healthy sprinkle of courage.

* family – mine includes a father, a mother, an older sister and a brother-in-law, addressed as Baba, Maa, Didi and BIL respectively
** BFF –  Best Female Friend


photos: Vaibhav Tanna & Rapti Bhaumick






  • Arundhati

    Congratulations dear girl…. Am looking forward to what ever your blog offers though I am not a addict of the web world and any form of social media. I am rather looking g forward to reading your stories and recipes. Loads of wishes. Piyadi


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