Tips to make journaling helpful & fun

When we think about ‘journal’ or ‘journaling’, most of us think about those hefty biology/physics/chemistry journals we laboured over as schoolkids or writing a daily ‘diary’. The task of writing a daily diary or even writing a diary may seem tedious at a time when we seem to be more stressed than ever! But have you ever thought there may be more than one way to ‘journal’ or there may be more things to ‘journal’ about other than travel or the traditional ‘things that happened to me today’?

More than one way to journal

I was a daily diary writer as a child, in fact, up until my early 20s. And then, I lost track of the habit. Journaling happened only when I was travelling or needed to vent/share about something that was making me very sad or very happy. Until, in 2019, Moon Moon handed me this precious little box called the ‘History Hive’ kit which enables journaling with the help of a map, writing prompts et all. What is more important is that I realised there was more than one way to ‘journal’.

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A better understanding of journaling

A little bit of searching on the internet led me into the fascinating world of journaling while making me realise that every single one of us is journaling every day, in one way or another. This blog too is a way of journaling, it’s a space where I share what is mine.

In an attempt to delve deeper into our understanding of the term journaling, understand some of its benefits and equally important, explore different ways we can journal and different topics that one can journal about, I asked Moon Moon Jetley – a journaling pro, historian, researcher and founder at History Hive –  to talk to us. Do watch/listen to the conversation that Moon Moon and I had over an Instagram Live session.

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History Hive is a product development and research venture that develops history inspired products and undertakes historical and anthropological research projects. You can check out their products and get more details at HISTORY HIVE.

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