How to manage anxiety & stress post lockdown

There was a lockdown. There is a lockdown. And then there is the unlocking. Our lives have been in a constant state of anxiety for the past few months. The reasons are varied – from stressing over the unknown pandemic, job and financial security, family welfare and safety, children, work from home, food, the list is endless and differs from person to person. What doesn’t differ is the varied stages of anxiety.

The psychological impact of the lockdown has been massive – and I personally feel we are seeing only the tip of this iceberg. With a changing set of dos-and-don’ts, the rules are constantly changing. And with it, our moods-tempers-frustrations-nervousness.

There are a lot of us who are aware of mental health and ways to ‘handle it better’ – but we feel overwhelmed because we are unable to identify the how, where, what, when. In this particular scenario, those with pre-existing mental health issues are able to identify their triggers and handle them. Perhaps a bit more than others. But that does not mean others are not dealing with issues.

Understanding, identifying and figuring out tools that can ease the anxiety – these are just some of the topics I spoke about with Dr Nimisha during an Instagram live. The chat with Dr Nimisha – a psychotherapist, couple therapist, life coach, mindfulness coach, Heal Your Life coach practising – has been one of the most comforting and enlightening among the Instagram interviews I’ve done recently. Do listen to what she says and share the video – think about it as your good-will gesture of the day.

Dr Nimisha is a veteran in her field with several years of experience and also provides online support via counselling. You can reach out to her on Facebook (click here).

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