Dealing with post-lockdown anxiety in kids & teens

We’ve all been speaking about ‘mental wellbeing’ post lockdown and how all of us adults will deal with the new rules and new world. But, what about the children and teenagers?

There is an entire generation of kids and teens that have been forced into lockdown due to reasons that are absolutely unfathomable for them. Milestones have gone by in a haze, life has been stuck in a limbo and some have even witnessed the loss of loved ones. No playing with friends, no meeting friends or hanging out with them, getting snapped at and being scolded, no clue about when schools and colleges will open… the lockdown has been hard for them.

The younger ones are struggling with their own set of issues, some of which they themselves fail to understand as do the elders.

Outbursts that may be ticked off as tantrums or teen angst, perhaps, are explosions due to anxiety and frustration, from the inability to understand what’s happening around them. And one of the main concerns that have come from these changing rules is “How will we deal with the children at home and us in office”.

But there’s another question here – how will the children deal with the parents suddenly NOT being at home while their schools/colleges are yet to reopen, their future in limbo.

For an expert’s view on this, I met with Ajab Primuswala (a psychologist and counsellor specialised in helping children and teens) for a chat and some insight into identifying and dealing with mental health issues in the younger members of the family.

The conversation, sadly, is a little splotchy due to the abominable internet connection on both ends. But, there’s a lot of sound advice there if you could sit through the reconnecting attempts.

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