Branding solutions for small biz

From a boutique owner to an influencer, jewellery store to MNC, businesses have been shaken up and how! The lockdown and its after-effects are being felt far and wide forcing companies to take time out to regroup and restructure for the new normal.

While big companies have their own sets of marketing teams, small-scale industries, local mid-level business owners and self-employed individuals seem to be a loss. Restructuring requires rebranding, advertisements and re-budgeting which is difficult in the given times.

As a freelance content writer | blogger | home baker, I’ve had my share of moments trying to figure out how to make things work. At times like these, it works wonders to have someone give you a rundown of the current state of affairs, give you a basic guideline to get a handle of things better.
And that saw me turning to a dear friend, Radhika Bhuptani.

Brand consultant and founder of The Open Slate, she’s got over a decade of expertise as a branding consultant, has worked with large brands and micro | macro industries and is an expert on branding | marketing.
All of this and more made Radhika the perfect person to chat with on ‘Branding solutions for small businesses.

  • the kind of brand reworking that macro-micro industries need to look at in the current scenario
  • what brands should be working towards during this phase
  • community and consumer
  • importance of digital presence
  • need for social media

You can connect with Radhika Bhuptani on her company’s Instagram handle @theopenslateofficial_

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