Tips to manage time & increase productivity

‘Where did the day go!?’ has been a common refrain for all of us, if not daily then at least 3-4 times a week. With a larger number of roles that we’re juggling daily – especially in these times of pandemic and lockdown – lack of time is a feeling that pinches every one of us.

Does that mean the ones who manage to squeeze in ‘a lot’ in a single day are better than us?

They just have unique strategies of managing their time – strategies tried and tested over a period of time that have proven their effectiveness. There are scores of ‘time management’ books available in the market that speak of these strategies and their benefits.

But I’m a tad bit old school that way. In some matters, I prefer to speak to and get tips from someone who juggles as many (if not more) roles like every other person and still manages to squeeze in 30-odd things in a day.

• break down your tasks, a daily to-do list is better than a long-term to-do list
• make an achievable list and keep ticking off tasks when you finish them
• it’s okay not to finish off every task on the same day. If you can do more, brilliant! you’re cutting off from tomorrow’s to-do list
• be strict with yourself but don’t be harsh; some days are better than others

Juhi Bansal is one such person – mother, wife, blogger, traveller, educationist and reader (just a few things she excels at), Juhi is a whiz at time management. And that was reason enough for me to invite Juhi to be the person to kick off my Instagram live sessions. Here’s a video of the chat we had some time ago – ignore the bloopers (first IG live by yours truly) and take notes from Juhi’s life book.

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