Rosha | Bengali Vegetable Stew | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Rosha | Bengali Vegetable Stew

A traditional Bengali winter vegetable stew flavoured with dried lentil dumplings that’s flavourful and gut friendly. Just like the humble khichuri/khichdi (or kedgeree if you want to be colonial) has a recipe unique to every Indian household, the ubiquitous ‘rosha‘ has its singular version in homes across West Bengal. Simply put, the rosha is a selection of winter vegetables and…

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Doi Boonde | Golden Sweet Balls with Yoghurt

Those of you familiar with the food recipe I’m sharing today are probably having a good laugh at the translation of the name. And you should! I’ve been chuckling since I translated ‘Doi Boonde’ or ‘Dahi Boondi’ into ‘Golden Sweet Balls with Yoghurt’. I’m honestly at a loss for words here. The emotional connect with the delicious, crispy and sweet boonde are lost…