Ways to fit reading into your busy schedule

Reading – that one activity that everyone loves to do, everyone recommends for all age groups. Some of us are good at it, finding time to settle with a book and slip into a new world. Some of us struggle to fit in time to read, despite our best intentions and a burning desire.

I love reading – I get it from my family, my parents love to read as does my sister. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t surrounded by books. I grew up listening to abridged versions of English literary classics that my sister read out to me – reading practice for her. I remember spending the summer of 1992, the year we moved to Ahmedabad, holed up in a small basement library – the library owner lost track of the number of books I’d borrow from him. I am the proud caretaker of books owned by my great grandfather, grandfather, my aunts and my parents. But I don’t seem to have time enough to read them.

And I believe that has been the case with several of us.

So, I decided to dedicate an Instagram Live chat to the love for books and the endeavour to read again. In the conversation with Dipankar Mukherjee, founder of Readomania Publishing, we spoke about reading, the process of reading, ways to make time to read and strategies to increase reading efficiency. You can listen to the conversation (start from 9.00) or watch the IG live uploaded below. Do note, the conversation took place during the pandemic lockdown, when we were all struggling to understand the medium so please bear with the static, ambient noise and struggle to find the right space to talk before the conversation settled in.

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Dipankar’s life is also fodder for novels – leaving a plush well-paying corporate job to give wings to budding authors, his association with books and reading sees him in different roles – as a bookworm, an editor, a publisher… you can read more about his journey in the article From Boardroom to Books. Find him on Instagram (click here) and his baby Readomania (click here)