Use a gratitude jar to ease lockdown anxiety

These are unique times in our lives and we are all making history – albeit not of a pleasant kind. Uncertainty and confusion, the constant bombardment of information and claustrophobia are just a few of the things that a lot of us are grappling with.

The past week has been chaotic and stressful – I’ve had to step out of home twice (for essentials) and both times, I’ve returned home feeling dismal and hollow. The deserted roads feel haunted, there is a wariness and every eye, a desperation in movements… its an evidence that this is a battle we are fighting together, and strangely, alone.

In this scenario, as each of us toughs it out to play a crucial role, the struggle not to succumb to the feeling of being threatened by an unknown entity is constant and real.

Despite being used to working from home for over a year now, the last few days have seen me exhausted.



Drained is the right word.

And it’s not because of the household chores that need to be done in the absence of the house help. If anything, I’m looking at it as a good excuse to get some exercise in!

What seemed to be draining me – and perhaps you too – was the constant flow of information, the underlying tension in the atmosphere, the struggle not to succumb to anxiety and being a support system to the parents (as they are to me). It took a few days of readjusting, realigning and reminding myself that most of these external issues are, in fact, out of my locus of control.

What has helped me is the variety of experiential activities that engage my senses. And a reminder that despite the dreary situation, there are a lot many things to be grateful for.

Gratitude Jar to the rescue!

Also known as the Happiness Journal and a take on the Memory Jar, the Gratitude Jar is similar to a Gratitude Journal.

One of the most powerful tools during times of crisis, the gratitude jar has been a huge help in helping me stay positive. It’s just another way of reminding myself that the glass is half full (not half empty, you know what I mean?) I’ve been practising dropping a handwritten note in my Gratitude Jar for some time now. While I started weekly, there are times now when I find myself reaching out for a piece of paper and the pen to scribble something to drop in the jar. Placed within arm’s reach – at my work desk – these little notes of gratitude are what remind me to stay strong and positive when I feel gloomy. And that happens a lot these days, right?

The beauty of a Gratitude Jar is that it has no restrictions! A Gratitude Jar can be started by a person irrespective of age – a friend’s daughter has her own Happy Jar (as she calls it). And you don’t need to rush out to shop for things.

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The steps to create a Gratitude Jar are rather simple. All you need is…
  • A jar / box / bottle
  • Pen (or pens)
  • Paper
  • An open mind
How to…
  1. Think about all the things in your life and what you are thankful for – there is no measurement in gratitude.
  2. You could be thankful for something as seemingly mundane as the bar of chocolate or the assurance of being with family
  3. Write down the expression of thanks in a piece of paper. Don’t forget to add the date!
  4. Fold and drop this little note of gratitude in your Gratitude Jar.
Some prompts…
  • I am grateful __________
  • I am thankful __________
  • I am so happy __________
  • I was delighted __________
  • I feel good ____________

Do let me know once you’ve started on your own Gratitude Jar. Tag and follow me on Instagram, hit the subscribe button on the home page of From the Corner Table for regular updates. You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest.