Things to remember when you plan a blog

A blogger need not be a ‘writer’ or an ‘expert’. Because while people do like to know what an expert has to say, a first-hand encounter or experience shared by someone they identify with is more credible. That said, blogging regularly and over a period of time is a step towards becoming a better writer and more knowledgeable about the topic(s) you are blogging about. And that, people, is a pretty good reason to stop procrastinating and start working on that blog!

The thought of starting a blog can seem intimidating and time consuming. It was both of these, and certain other reasons, that led to an 8-year wait before I started From The Corner Table. But not everyone needs to be like me! With the pandemic forcing a lot of us to cut down on socialising and outings, now might be a good idea to get started on that creative plan! And if blogging has been on top of your mind but you are still wondering, then perhaps this conversation with top-notch blogger Kamini Patel might help you make the decision.

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Kamini’s blog Kitchen Therapy is a one-stop destination for vegetarian recipes and some beautiful words, straight from the heart. Kamini is also the founder of Nature Therapy India, a wellness products line. She’s a recipe developer, food consultant, entrepreneur, to name a few.

Kamini is also a firm believer in the concept of sharing knowledge and that is exactly what she did during an Instagram Live chat a while ago. Focussed on giving amateur bloggers some tips by sharing first-hand experience, the conversation with Kamini is a classic case of teaching with examples – and in this case, the example is her blog Kitchen Therapy. Some of the topics that we touched upon during this conversation were the process of choosing a name for the blog, identifying the audience, planning content for the blog, community building.

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