Once Upon a Travel… Revisited

As I walked along with the swelling crowd that filled Glasgow’s famous Buchanan Street, the memory of a chance encounter on the same path nearly a year ago brought a smile to my face. It was on a bench here, in August 2017, where a seemingly random question had seen me tumbling into the world of story sharing.
Fast forward to July 2018 and as I pointed out the sights of Glasgow to my parents, I couldn’t help but reflect on the way things have changed since that first blog post published on November 20, 2017.
It was the beginning of this digital journey. And sometimes, its good to revisit the beginnings, right? It’s time to reflect on where it all started and it begins with ‘Once upon a travel‘Β https://fromthecornertable.in/2017/11/20/first-blog-post/
Photo: Vaibhav Tanna