Summer Holiday, from the corner table, #fromthecornertable

Off on a Summer Holiday…

“We’re all going on a summer holiday
No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
No more worries for me or you,
For a week or two….”

This delightful number sung by Cliff Richard, written by Brian Bennett / Bruce Welch, from the 1948 movie Summer Holiday, is the perfect description of my life at this moment.

For as you read this post, I am walking in the lush landscape of Munnar after having traipsed through the lanes of Fort Kochi and will probably head to Thiruvananthapuram or Kanyakumari as the week comes to an end.

So while I indulge my wandering soul and embark on some food adventures, there will be a small break in the blog posts. I’ll tell you all about my Kerala trip once I am back home.

Meanwhile… how about you join me on the vacation! I insist! Follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook as I share some photographs of my journey through part of God’s own country.

And if any of you have any tips or suggestions for the trip, then do share – on social media, in the comments below or you can drop me an email.

So you have an amazing week and I’ll see you with something sweet from my kitchen soon March 23. Tata!

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