New Beginnings, New Resolutions

Happy New Year! How exciting – or not – was January 1 for you?

It’s just the second day of 2018 today and I’m already in trouble. Madame Editor was so not impressed when I told her I had forgotten to work on the new blog post because I had been busy resolution-ning. “Should you not have been done with the resolution-ing bit by now?” she asked, as she rolled her eyes in exasperation – I heard the eye rolling over the phone. I swear!

But this time around it was more ‘thinking it through’ rather than being lazy. Thinking it through over some coffee and leftover cake from the New Year party. #thinkinstyle

You see, I’ve been among those who’ve made several spur-of-the-moment NY resolutions, forgotten about them by July/August and then sulked.

Until midway 2017, when I remembered one of the several resolutions I’d made in 2016. “Better late than never” I decided and by December 2017 I’d ticked a few off that resolution list – including:

  1. Travelling a lot and a debut solo trip (Scotland/Athens/Bristol)
  2. Dancing (enrolled in a month-long dance class)
  3. Fitness (physical, mental, emotional)
  4. Ticking one thing off life’s wish list (launching From The Corner Table)

Smart whip that she is, Madame Editor grilled the life out of me to understand my recently tried-and-tested process of making resolutions and keeping them. And I left her feeling enlightened! #haloonmyhead #justkidding

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Resolve, commit, plan and chill!

This time around, I decided to take a more practical approach to NYR (New Year Resolutions) and took some help from my friend Nimisha Rastogi, a cognitive behavioural therapist and internationally certified life coach.

The key, says Nimisha, is to break down your resolutions into specific areas, set timelines – because resolutions are basically goals and could be short term, long term, immediate – and write them down, along with timelines.

For instance, at the onset of 2017, I promised to make happy notes as is evident in this January 3, 2016, Instagram post

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That decision did work and whenever I felt out of sync I’d scroll through my Instagram posts for a happy boost. And I intend to continue the #happynotes on my personal account this year too.

Nimisha’s example is easy to understand. “If my goal is to lose weight, then I may resolve to cut sugar from my diet for 3 months. Once the 3-month mark is reached, that’s one resolution ticked off the list. Setting goal-based resolutions are helpful as it sets planning in place.”

“Take a break from the particular goal, refuel and return,” is her advice.

Write colourful notes, keep them in sight

An additional tried-and-tested method from me is to write down resolutions and paste them in places I can see them daily. A constant reminder is motivating.

Wondering how to do it? I’ve broken down my NYR into 4 parts

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Work
  • Self
#fromthecornertable from the corner table, fromthecornertable, new year resolutions, 2018, goals

While most of this list is not time-bound, I’ve set deadlines for 3 NYRs under #Self – the languages and learning photography. This way, I am not dying under my set deadlines and learning remains fun.

No resolutions is not a crime

Very Very Important Stuff This! If you are feeling like an outcast for not having a resolution or two, then relax. It’s absolutely fine not to have any. As long as you have a lifelong resolution of loving yourself and being happy because that is all that matters.

Got any resolutions you’ve made or completed that you are proud of? Share them with us. For we don’t mind being inspired.

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  • Posted 02/01/2018 8:28 pm
    by Dipankar Mukherjee

    The best is “No resolutions is not a crime” 🙂

    • Posted 11/01/2018 8:30 pm
      by Rapti B

      Hahahaha…. so true, isn’t it?