It’s Cake Stall Time Again!

Oops… I’ve done it again.

I’ve gone ahead and committed to being part of something that is adding to my anxiety-ridden life. One would think that being ‘experienced’ would rid me of all doubts. But tell me, does that one experience count?

I still get sweaty palms when I think about those panic-filled days that followed my decision to host a cake stall at a Durga Puja pandal. The emotional meltdown, the nail-biting moment when my oven quit on me and the stubborn cookies. So much happened in those days.

Why, then, did I push myself into that quicksand of nervous tension again? Perhaps to feel again that moment of elation when I stood behind the empty cake stands and plates, being cheered on by family and friends. That first moment of realisation of Maa’s wise words “…There is a pleasure in watching people eat the food you have cooked with love. You will know that someday.”

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