Hacks to make phone photography a breeze

We live in a visual world. Look at your social media accounts and you’ll realise they are pictorial journals – especially about food and travel. But with the pandemic curtailing movement, the reservoir of places and foods that can be photographed seems to have dried up. Or perhaps not.

The lockdown has seen several of us pick up older passions or find new hobbies, some of them translating into business opportunities too! And in all of these cases, photographs and/or photography is a shining star!

Photography has been used to chronicle the lockdown, share the stellar food that was whipped in the kitchen and draw the attention of potential clients to all the buzzing home industries.

There are the lucky ones born with an eye for photography, such that each capture looks like a masterpiece. And then there are some like me who have to learn things the hard way because professional photographers can have dangerous effects on the travel budget and buying a ‘good’ is not always a budget-friendly decision!

So to sort out this issue and to get everyone started on the photography path, I asked my photography guru, food stylist and photographer Krishna Lalbhai to share some pointers. Krishna being the sweetheart that she is readily agreed and the result was an hour-long Instagram Live session where she spoke about using everyone’s favourite accessory – the mobile phone – to click photographs, shared tips to remember and even discussed some photography subjects!

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Fun fact. Krishna Lalbhai, a true-blue Ahmedabad girl, completed her schooling in her city, got a civil engineering degree and even went on to do a masters in green building design before she stepped into the field of photography. She’s easily the most sought-after food stylist and photographer in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and host of other cities! Her journey is nothing short of an inspiration. Read ‘Capturing food in art frames’ to know why. You can find Krishna’s work on her Instagram handle @krishnalalbhai.

  • Feature image created on Canva