Drama review: Business Proposal

2022 | South Korea | Rom Com

A series that’s been trending since its release, and for the right reasons. The Business Proposal is a wholesome entertainer, a rom-com that celebrates all the tropes we crib about but secretly love!

What’s it about?

Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date in place of her bestie Jin Young-seo (Seol In-ah). Their aim is to get Young-seo rejected because she’d prefer to find her own life partner rather than marry someone her father picked out. But things go downhill for Ha-ri when she realizes that the suitor is Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop), the CEO of her company! Stuck helping her friend, Ha-ri continues the charade. But only until Young-seo bumps into Cha Sung-hoon (Kim Min-kyu), Tae-moo’s secretary and best friend.

A disgruntled and cornered Ha-ri claims to be someone she’s not (yes!) to save her job and is then bullied by Tae-moo to be his fake date. While the lead bungle along these lines, trust-fund baby Young-seo moves out of her father’s home to make her own life. Her neighbour is Sung-hoon – her heart flutters, he is reluctant. The two couples sort through various differences like class, monetary status, misunderstandings, family and more to come together (but obviously!).

The Good & Bad

It’s apparent things will work out for both the couples by the last episode. But as with every drama, it’s the journey that matters. And the Business Proposal gets that journey right!

The makers don’t waste time justifying the use of tropes, nor do they waste time dragging out angles (no triangle here) to stretch the series. It’s evident in the first episode that this series will be a fun ride, and the makers do not disappoint, nor do they allow the series to become a weep fest. However, the makers do not rush through the story; it progresses naturally and the individual struggles seem viable and relatable. Business Proposal is focused on the two couples who’ve all got off-the-charts chemistry – as romantic couples and friends! The chemistry and comic timing are the highlights of this ‘tropefest’ and of course, the ‘good looks’ that K-dramas are famous for and one of the main reasons we love them.

Is it a unique K-drama? Not at all. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, Business Proposal is a romantic comedy that celebrates tropes and has certain portions that’ll make you want to eye-roll. But the eye-roll will be with an indulgent smile because blame the actors; they’re that good at their job.

A must-watch if you love romcoms and need to give your grey cells a break. Strictly avoid it if you are looking for a ‘story’.

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