Children’s well-being in the lockdown

The children are fine! And they’ll continue to thrive with a little more love, attention and some exercises! So says Dr Shinee Shanbhag, a mother of two and a consultant physiotherapist who has been fielding varied queries from concerned parents about their children’s well-being.

Several of my parent friends have been expressing concern about their children’s health and the effect that these uncertain situations – pandemic, lockdown, lack of physical activity, affected social skills, the list is varied and dependent on the family’s situation. And with education having shifted online, parents are worried about the effect on children – so much screen time and not enough running around!

A mother herself, Dr Shinee is well aware of the stress – she empathises when a parent worries over their 7-year-old complaining about neck pain or a throbbing lower back. “Children are resilient and can adapt well. So as parents, the best thing to do at this point is to ensure the child is able to adapt better and thrive. And this can be done with some strategizing in terms of physical activities and basic exercises, at home,” says her experience.

So, during a recent conversation, I asked Dr Shinee to help parents bring the outdoors into the living room with some posture guidance, exercises and indoor game suggestions. Our discussion included

  • Tips to engage children in indoor activities to make up for lack of physical play outdoors
  • Effect of long screen hours and ways to mitigate postural issues
  • Warning signs of aches and pains in children
  • A demonstration of some easy exercises

On Saturday – June 27, 2020 – at 4pm (Indian Standard Time), I’ll be engaging in an Instagram Live conversation with Gargee about moving towards an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Gargee – eco-warrior, entrepreneur & founder of Ecodeeds – has been living the lifestyle for a few years now.
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The conversation with Dr Shinee holds a special place in my heart – together, we dedicated the conversation on “Children’s well-being in the lockdown” to children from underprivileged family and CRY India’s fight against child labour. As per reports shared by CRY, India already had over 33 million child labourers, between the ages of 6 and 18 years. Given the rise in unemployment due to the lockdown, the numbers are likely to increase with children being forced to return to work, rather than school, to support the family income. The children will be more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Dr Shinee and I tagged our conversation as a fundraiser for CRY India, taking a stand against child labour. And I hope it’s not too late to ask you to contribute to this fight – it doesn’t matter how big or small the amount is. I’m also going to take this as a chance to request you to spread the word among family and friends – sincere thanks in advance. Here’s the link to donate:




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