The best reasons to quit the rat race

Our hearts are filled with dreams of an ideal life, the kind where we only do things we like, a life where the money comes from work one is passionate about, a life you live on your terms. Taking that decision of stepping away from the norm is not always easy, especially when you are from a middle-class family where a ‘stable job’ and ‘monthly income’ are the foundations for a ‘settled life’.

I’d been toying with the idea of attempting that ‘ideal life’ of dreams since… forever. But the courage that could or should have come naturally, came from desperation, the kind that brews when you are constantly thrust in a toxic environment and are looking to escape.

Yes, stepping away from the ‘stability’ was a hard decision but one that had to be taken. And one that I’ve not always spoken about with too many people because we all know how people love to judge, right?

But when it comes to Kamini Patel, even the toughest of conversation comes naturally. And that is the reason why, when it comes to this woman, I find myself nodding my head in agreement and sharing the most random of thoughts during our long-winding telephone calls.

I first met Kamini at a photography and styling workshop around two years ago. She was visiting her friend – the workshop host – but ended up guiding me through my clumsy first attempt at setting up a photograph. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since then. We’re able to keep track about the important and random – a boon for an introvert like me who can carry on a conversation but will find it difficult to share. Kamini juggles way too many hats for me to keep track of – entrepreneur, author, recipe developer, food consultant, lawyer, the list is endless. And she could have been one of those annoying overachievers but instead, she is quite literally the warmest human I’ve had the privilege of meeting. So when Kamini wanted me to share my experience for her Nature Therapy Journal, I could not say no.

You can read the little piece of me I’ve shared with her HERE. And if it helps you in any odd way, do share.

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