Book cover of Out of the Woods by Neikehienuo Mepfhu-o | From The Corner Table

Out of the Woods, by Neikehienuo Mepfhu-o

Published 2022 | Fiction A boy caught between the real and an ‘alternate reality’, ‘Out of the Woods’ by Neikehienuo Mepfhu-o takes a look at the struggles that mental health illnesses bring with them – for the person and their immediate family members. During a recent trip to Nagaland, I decided to pick up a book or two written by…

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn | Image for From The Corner Table

Book Review: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Betty Smith | 1943 | Semi-Autobiographical, Fiction I picked this one up because a. I had heard a lot about it. It is heralded as a modern American classic (and it deserves to be) b. The edition was remarkably pretty. I have a weakness for beautiful looking books. This one was a Reader’s Digest Special Edition, hard bound with the…

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Book Review: Summit

Harry Farthing | 2014 | Fiction, Thriller, Mystery A gripping tale, told tightly from beginning to end, without any relief or deviation. The author’s writing style is grim, almost martial in its speed. I’ve always been fascinated by the upper reaches of the Himalayas. To me, they are placed on Earth to remind us that we are nowhere close to…