Tips to get you started on a green life

Eco friendly. Environment friendly. Sustainable living. Green living. Organic. These are words we’ve seen around us for a while now, irrespective of a sector. These terms have made their space in our daily vocabulary, making way for concepts like ethical, sustainable, fair-trade, biodynamic, earth-friendly, ecological, free-range and the likes.

Experts keep reminding us of the need to adopt and adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle. The need of the hour is much stressed upon. But I’ve always had one question – among several others – is HOW does one go about stepping into this lifestyle?

And questions like…
– What do these terms – eco-friendly, sustainable, organic – really mean and how are they related to each other?
– What do experts mean when they suggest we move towards an ‘eco-friendly’ and\or sustainable lifestyle?
– How easy or difficult is it to move towards an eco-friendly life?
– What is the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle?
– What are some practical ways to adapt to this lifestyle at home – in the kitchen, in self-care, with clothing and even travel!

Now I don’t know any ‘expert’ but I do know someone who has been practising the lifestyle for a while now. Gargee Vasavada is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur and owner of EcoDeeds, a label under which she creates and sells sustainable products for everyday use. There are cutlery pouches that are a boon, a low waste starter kit, grocery bags and travel kits – and she can even customise products for you. We spent a long time (a little less than an hour) talking about the way she has approached the green life and oh what a blast we had!

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