The Power of Cake

I believe in the power of cake,
Yellow, pink, white or brown,
Square, cube, heart or round,
Iced, frosted, ganache-d or plain,
Cakes, they have the power to change the game!

Cakes banish the gloom,
They are as good as fanciful blooms.

Cakes are a language by themselves,
They use textures and flavours to weave a tale.

Cakes soothe the soul and satisfy hunger,
They are sources of wonder & income.

Cakes make memories
They stand testimony to histories.

And so, from brick-like loaves to fancy concoctions
I’ve often marked my life in cakes.

Watching Maa whisk the batter like a magician,
Keeping watch on the growing cake, I was a willing minion,
Sneaking a piece when the parents slept
Only to be found out by the crumbs on the bed.

Stealing sugar roses stuck on Didi’s cake,
Demanding to cut even Baba’s cake,
Eating layered cakes and then wearing them too
Cakes have been a constant till date.

I’d count on the power of cake to get over pain,
I’d count on the power of cake to celebrate
I’d count on the power of cake simply for its sake.