Tend to your work-from-home body aches

Work from home has become a norm for most of us, as have the aches and pains that come from it. Physiotherapists and doctors have also noted an alarming increase in patients complaining of excruciating pain in the neck, shoulder and back. The reasons for these aches and pains are aplenty.

According to Dr Shinee Shanbag, consultant physiotherapist & deputy medical director at Physiorehab, Mumbai, these issues could arise from
– Settings not conducive to working long hours
– Excessive focus on screens
– Lack of cardio
– Unaccustomed chores

In an hour-long conversation with me, Dr Shinee touched upon various strategies that could help rectify the non-friendly working conditions at home. She also provides tips on ways to deal with the pains, ascertain the need for medical help and ways to connect with physiotherapists for online sessions.

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