Mulo Chechki or Bengali Stir-fried Radish } Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Mulo Chechki | Bengali Stir-fried Radish

A Bengali winter delicacy where the humble radish shines, its natural sweetness evident in every morsel; goes well with rice, roti or paratha. In Bengali language, the term ‘chechki’ is used for any vegetable that is grated and stir-fried with minimal seasoning. It’s a dish in which the vegetable – radish and pumpkin being the more preferred – are allowed…

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Orange Ginger Tea

Winter is here! Winter is here! Winter is here! Okay… almost here. Which means its time to start indulging in ‘winter foods’. We are yet to pull out the warm clothes, snuggle under the blankets or switch off the fans. But there’s no denying the nip in the early morning air. And the beautiful winter produces adding pops of colours…