must eat in greece, greek cuisine, athens food | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Eating done the Greek way

Do you have a napkin or a small towel handy? If not, perhaps you want to grab one. Because reading about Greek food – be it an in-depth exploration of the cuisine or simply a traveller’s list of what to eat – is nothing short of a drool-icious journey. Observe the way Greeks eat and you will note the role…

Skordalia & Tzatziki | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

‘Dip’ it Greek Style: Skordalia & Tzatziki

I will forever be indebted to the hostess at the Moma Rest & Cafe on Adrianou Street, Athens, who introduced me to the wonderful union of Greek dips and freshly baked pita bread. Thank you! It was a ‘perfect’ moment as I sampled the freshly baked warm pita bread dunked in cool tzatziki, my senses doing a jig in delight…