Cherry Yoghurt Honey Popsicles | Copyright Image | From the Corner Table

Cherry-Licious Popsicles

Fresh cherries and the goodness of homemade hung curd make for a refreshing, healthy and easy-to-make frozen dessert. Perfect for those times when you need a cool break! I eat fruits, but there’s only a handful of them I absolutely adore. And cherries – those tart, sweet, firm little nuggets of flavour are among them. The fathership is well aware…

Aam Dal or Raw Mango & Red Lentil Dal | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Aam Dal | Red Lentil & Raw Mango Soup

A news alert two days ago declared that the western part of India will experience monsoon “in 2-3 days”. This means me, along with scores of others, have joined a thousand others sending prayers to the rain gods! But until the rains arrive, I am busy enjoying the last of the mango rush. Like almost every Gujarati household – we…