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    Eating done the Greek way

    Do you have a napkin or a small towel handy? If not, perhaps you want to grab one. Because reading about Greek food – be it an in-depth exploration of the cuisine or simply a traveller’s list of what to eat – is nothing short of a drool-icious journey. Observe the way Greeks eat and you will note the role geography plays in the selection of produce. Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean basin and 11th longest coastline in the world. While 80% of Greece is mountainous region, it has several islands of which around 227 are said to be inhabited. All of this translates into a lot…

  • Greek Souvlaki, from the corner table, #fromthecornertable

    Greek Style Kebabs, the Chicken Souvlaki

    My first meal in Athens was recommended by the owner of the traditional Greek grill house where we had gone for a late dinner. The gentlemen had suggested we try the souvlaki platter and/or gyros. “Never ignore food suggestions from a local” is a mantra I live by. So we went ahead and ordered the souvlaki, gyros and some extras to ensure that we overindulge! The gentleman had been right all along. The souvlaki and gyros were a revelation to the tastebuds! Reminiscent of the traditional kebab eaten in India – and part of Middle Eastern cuisine – the souvlaki is seasoned, bite-sized pieces of meat grilled on a skewer…