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A note from a frequent traveller

It’s going to be nearly six months since the world started its battle against the unknown. It’s been a long few month, each day a fight. And as we slowly limp towards the easing of lockdowns, uncertainty continues to loom. The travel industry has been hit hard. Even as rules are being relaxed to allow people to cross borders, what…

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‘Trust Your Gut!’ Tips from a solo female traveller

She: “So… I read that post of yours. The one where you shared travel tips.”
Me: “You did? That is great!”
She: “Those are generic tips but there’s nothing specific for women.”
Me: ____________
She: “There is so much more women have to deal with when they travel. You should have written about that too”
Me: “Ummm… okay!”

This conversation between me and prefer-to-keep-unidentified acquaintance was a bit of an eye-opener. I’d never thought about travel as being gender-specific. And that was a mistake it seems! Because she made me realised that as a female solo traveller, there are certain steps I take to ensure a smooth run.

I strongly feel vulnerability is not specific to gender, age or region. A lone individual in a foreign country may be considered easy prey and rather than allow the fear of “What if!” inhibit our movement and the joy of travel, a few conscious measures could make the trip a memorable experience in a good way.

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How to Travel Solo: Tips from an Expert

Can I go for another vacation please? I know, I know. You’ll say, “Girl, you just got back from a 10-day trip and you want to go off again?” But travelling is my tonic. It’s the energy drink that makes me power through those hard days, it’s the vitamin pill that pushes me through the long days. It’s on my mind every single minute!

Probably why I am already making plans for my next trip, another solo journey. And with these handy pointers from Varun Pachisia, our 50-countries-and-counting man, my next venture as a lone traveller could be another level altogether!

Here is what Varun had to say when I asked him to share some tips that could be helpful to someone travelling solo.

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