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    The Lockdown Era: Part 10-18

    So much love! I’m floored with the kind of appreciation that my Instagram family has shown to my first ever photo series ‘The Lockdown Era’. That people have been able to connect with these photographs and opened doors to conversations is an added bonus. There has been, however, an interesting question that has repeated itself in the messages I’ve received for these photo series: “How did you make your parents pose for these photographs?” My answer is: “I did NOT make my parents pose for any of these photographs?” The Lockdown Era is a photo series that gives a glimpse into the life of this senior citizen couple as they…

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    The Lockdown Era: Part 1-9

    By the time this post is published, India is well into what is dubbed Lockdown 4.0 – with a new set of rules, dos-and-don’ts, all of us are struggling through a new range of emotions. There’s the delight that life is slowly limping back to normal, stores and services are now available (in non-containment areas at least) and businesses will reopen. But there’s also the added stress of ‘what if the number of coronavirus positive cases shoots up again!’ Amid this saga of actions and emotions, my parents remain relatively unmoved. Baba’s murmurs of “need to go to the bank” were shot down by the rest of us. “Stay home”…

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    How My Parents Spent 72 Hours in Scotland #Chapter 1

    When I boarded the airplane to Bristol at the Edinburgh Airport in September 2017, I’d been thinking about the perfect week spent in Scotland, hoping I could visit the country again. Who knew I would be on Scottish soil before hitting the year-long mark! “We must visit Scotland. I want to show your mother around Edinburgh and Glasgow,” my father had said, as we settled in for the long flight to Heathrow, London. This was June 2018 and our destination was my elder sister’s home in Bristol for a much needed family vacation. My father had visited parts of United Kingdom way back in the 1980s. So there was quite…

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    A Guide to Comfort Travel for Aging Parents

    The past month has been spent happily basking in the English summer sun and revelling in the much needed family time with the three of us – the parents and me – heading down to spend time with the elder sister and brother-in-law who’ve set up home in UK.The parents also wanted to travel a bit and explore, take in as much of England as their aching knees can allow. It’s been a while since the parents have travelled extensively and on foreign shores; nearly a decade to be precise. And much has changed in the interim. While we did manage to squeeze in trips to several places, travelling with…