• Oats Vermicelli Pudding - recipe on From The Corner Table (copyright image)

    Oats Vermicelli Pudding

    Do you know those times when you set out to make something, stumble and screw up, work around it and then come out with something nicer? Yup! That’s how this Oats Vermicelli Pudding came about. The story of this pudding is similar to that of a movie that lost its plot but manages to end on a decent note. In this case, I’d say it ended on a tasty spoonful. The recipe came about during the lockdown, when our meal times and menus went haywire because we don’t really have a set routine, despite numerous attempts. The three of us (the parents and me) ate when we were hungry –…

  • slow-cooked mixed vegetables fromthecornertable

    Slow-cooked Mixed Vegetables

    Between the time I spend in the kitchen for the baking orders and winter laze that makes us want to snuggle under the blanket with a book, the ‘cooking’ mood at home has been at an all-time low. But since one has to eat and I’m doing my best not to succumb to the lures of ‘restaurant food’, Maa has taken to cooking food that is healthy, quick, easy and minimal. The winter vegetables that continue to sit pretty on the market shelves also help the cause. Mixed vegetables are the go-to for us on most days, especially the Bengali rosha (Bengali vegetable curry) and this particular nameless mixed vegetable.…