Pumpkin & Potato in Mustard Oil | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Pumpkin & Potato in Mustard Oil

Pumpkin & potato are tempered with nigella seeds and slow-cooked in mustard oil for a dish that heroes the pumpkin’s sweetness.  Calling all home cooks looking for quick and healthy weekday/weeknight meal ideas – add this pumpkin & potato in mustard oil dish to your repertoire! It’s the kind that comes together in a jiffy, requires just one spice (coz salt and…

pumpkin carrot spring onion soup recipe fromthecornertable

Pumpkin Carrot & Spring-Onion Soup

A winter vegetable soup that’s vibrant in taste and health, packed with the superpowers of pumpkin, carrot and the freshness of spring onion; yummy and an excellent meal any time of the day. Winters mean soups, and since we are a trio that loves soups, it’s the perfect guilt-free dinner. A bowl (or two) of a hearty vegetable soup with…

Pumpkin & Carrot Pasta (with Prawns) | Copyright image | From The Corner Table

Pumpkin & Carrot Pasta (with Prawns)

Savour the fresh sweetness of pumpkin and carrots with this simple pasta dish; serve for a weekend gathering or a quick weeknight meal. The Pumpkin and Carrot Pasta (with Prawns) is a tribute to fall’s vibrant colours, the hues of orange and red, speckled with blacks and crisp. The recipe is also a humble attempt at rediscovering the goodness of…