Stir Friend Lettuce | Copy right Image | From The Corner Table

Stir-Fried Lettuce & Greens

Asian-style stir-fried lettuce with any and all greens in your refrigerator makes for a quick side dish or main with steaming hot rice. Rounding up the Lettuce Series (I should have dubbed it ‘trilogy’) with the easiest recipe ever – a stir fry! Wash, tear, dump, toss and tadaaaaaa… And did it go down well with the parents? Oh hell…

Chicken Lettuce Soup Recipe | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Chicken Lettuce Soup

A one-pot soup meal made with leftovers and greens, this is great for a working day dinner or when you’ve got surprise guests Part two of the Lettuce Series as I’ve dubbed it was about throwing things into a large pot to put together a soup – the kind that makes life a whole lot better (read: bearable) when your…

Lettuce Sourdough-wich | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Lettuce Sourdough-wich

A lettuce and cheese-loaded sourdough sandwich that’s a tasty, filling way to start the day Remember those childhood days when the parents used to come up with innovative ways to make you eat those dreaded greens? There’s a role reversal situation on that front at home here, where I have to find ways to make the parents eat ‘foreign’ vegetables,…