Romance is a Bonus Book ~ Review

Romance is a Bonus Book

2019 | Korean | Romance I believe there’s a right time to read a book and until the time has arrived, you will either not enjoy reading the book or will set it aside for later. I’ve noticed the same is applicable to movies and series. There have been times I’ve started a series and stopped it after an episode…

Business Proposal Review | From The Corner Table

Drama review: Business Proposal

2022 | South Korea | Rom Com A series that’s been trending since its release, and for the right reasons. The Business Proposal is a wholesome entertainer, a rom-com that celebrates all the tropes we crib about but secretly love! What’s it about? Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) goes on a blind date in place of her bestie Jin Young-seo (Seol…

Hospital Playlist poster | representational image on From The Corner Table

Drama Review: Hospital Playlist

2020 | Season 1 | S Korea | Medical, romance, life, comedy | Netflix India I’ve apparently been watching a lot of drama involving the medical fraternity. Descendants of the Sun, Doctor John, Hospital Playlist, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay – four of the dramas I watched recently revolve around doctors, psychiatrists and men in the military. And the…