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    Tea time tête-à-tête

    This is the tale of a young princess, a little packet, a treasure chest and a childhood dream of unravelling tales stored in a trunk. This is the tale of the princess who turned her passion and love for the little packet into a lucrative business. This is the tale of Snigdha Manchanda, corporate slave-turned-tea sommelier and teapreneur, who is among the handful of people working to guide a nation of chai lovers towards understanding their teas better. Those of you who’ve been with me for a while might remember my post ‘Tale of three teas’ when I had attempted three tea recipes. I’ve come a long way since. While…

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    “From boardroom to books”

    One of my resolutions for 2018 is to read (and re-read) at least 50 of the 400+ books I own. The idea took hold when I was making a catalogue of these books – prompted by the discovery that I own three versions of the same book. And the fact that somewhere in the fast-paced routine run of life, I was not reading enough. Not cool. Books are a serious business. They are essential to existence, allowing me to live different characters, understand thought patterns, view new worlds, broaden my horizon and understand different perceptions. In books, I have found my second support system. So a few years ago, when…