Chicken Dalia Khichdi | Broken Wheat & Chicken Kedgeree

The thought of ‘healthy foods’ fills my heart with trepidation. For all the love I have for food, I am particular about the taste, texture, sight of food, and there have been instances where I’ve refused to eat or been unable to finish food placed in front of me because I’ve –     Disliked the look of the food–     Been unable…

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Narkel Malai Murg | Chicken in Coconut Milk

Think chicken with coconut milk and you’ll think the recipe I’m sharing today is inspired by cuisine in Kerala. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that the original recipe travelled from the lush green landscape of Kerala to the homes tucked in the bylanes of Kolkata, cooked for the first time by an enterprising traveller who had returned…

Chatpata (Tangy) Stir-fried Chicken

I ‘celebrated’ a nine-year friendship anniversary with my first cousin a few days ago. Considering she’s been a part of my life as far as my memory stretches, this friend-anniversary reminder by Facebook was rather amusing. As someone who was smack in the middle of the Bhaumick sisters – three years younger to my elder sister and three and a…

Doi Chicken, From the corner table, #fromthecornertable

Doi Chicken | Chicken in Yogurt Sauce

Snippets of conversations tend to leave a mark on our thoughts, often popping up in our psyche at different stages of life.

As an individual, I have always wanted to create a legacy…,” a desire expressed by the founder of Readomania had struck a chord with me, leading to several moments of introspection about the notion of legacy and its various forms.

Over the past two months, the family has seen mortality up close with the demise of family members and close friends. It has been especially difficult for my parents who had a special bond with each of these individuals. But the loss of my sister’s mother-in-law has shaken the core of us all.

An inspiring and strong lady, she has been someone we have looked up to – as an individual and for the beautiful relation she shared with my sister. Her legacy remains in the relations she formed with people around her, the lessons she taught her children and the bond she shared with my elder sister, Raka.

To be honest, when she got married a decade ago, Raka was marginally better off than me in terms of cooking. Over the years, it is the tips and tricks from our mother and her mother-in-law who she called Mamoni that have made her into a stellar cook. Today’s recipe is one that Mamoni taught Raka.