Yellow Moong Dal with Veggies | copyright image | From The Corner Table

Yellow Moong Dal with Vegetables

Golden, sweet yellow moong dal is roasted, tempered in whole spices and cooked with a handful of vegetables for a dish that soothes and satiates. There is a joy in simplicity, after all, it is the simple things that make your heart sing in delight. And that, my dear friends, is an attempt to express the depth of emotion and…

Crispy Neem with Coconut | Copyright Image | From The Corner Table

Neem Narkel Bhaja | Crispy Neem with Coconut

If the post title has not made you shudder and click away, then consider yourself smothered in a hug from me! I understand that sometimes it takes courage to even read about certain food items, let alone trying them or eating them. Mention squid or muskmelon and I want to run away. And there are several who follow suit when…