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    Quick tips for a cake stall

    There is no perfect or complete list of anything in this world. This I have learned the hard way. But the combination of these lists is definitely helpful if you are looking for some guidance. So here is my contribution to the world of lists – this one for those planning to put up cake/food stalls. Or those who love collecting lists #Ido. Let me know if I should add anything to the list. After all, I am just one stall old and took lessons from other lists and Maa’s experience. Plan Well – Consider the weather. Avoid frosting, glaze or any milk product in summers. No one wants to…

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    Mission Food Stall ✔✔✔

    Sometime earlier this year, after I had rediscovered my life’s to-do list and ticked solo travel off it, I completed yet another goal. I set up a cake stall! Sold all that I baked for the day and made some profit too! #bootyshake #achievementpride Please note that the victory dance came after some intense planning, several moments of angst, raised voices and nervous breakdowns. For an individual battling crippling anxiety for some time now, this was nothing short of a mega challenge. Early September this year, during an intense discussion about upcoming festivals, a friend suggested I do something related to food at one of the festival gatherings. Specifically speaking,…