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    Some How-What-Why for Your Athens Trip

    I am blurry eyed and mighty pissed off this Monday morning. And I have no one to blame but myself. What should have been done yesterday or perhaps a day ago, is being done in the wee hours of the morning. Because somewhere in the last few days, I overstuffed my basket of ‘tasks to finish’, lost focus and forgot to type out the post that had been mentally written down a week ago. I am a basket case this Monday morning! But a basket case who has reminded herself of the decision to prioritize. Any tips on that? Monday morning rant aside, it’s time to address some questions that…

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    Eating done the Greek way

    Do you have a napkin or a small towel handy? If not, perhaps you want to grab one. Because reading about Greek food – be it an in-depth exploration of the cuisine or simply a traveller’s list of what to eat – is nothing short of a drool-icious journey. Observe the way Greeks eat and you will note the role geography plays in the selection of produce. Greece has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean basin and 11th longest coastline in the world. While 80% of Greece is mountainous region, it has several islands of which around 227 are said to be inhabited. All of this translates into a lot…

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    Athens, Where History Lies Under the Sun #3

    Have you wondered how some cities leave a mark on you – in a good way – for life. Such has been the case with Brussels where we had a layover – we were travelling from Amsterdam to Paris – and that was enough time to fall in love and put it on our ‘must visit again’ list. And Athens. The elder sister, brother in law and I spent just three days in the capital city of Greece but there was so much that we saw in those three days. We wanted to stay back and learn some more about the city, its people and the civilisation that was the…

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    Athens, Where History Lies Under the Sun #2

    Up until a few months ago, a mention of Olympic Games would have entailed a spirited discussion about the performances of Indian players and the support they need, the freakily high medal tallies of some countries, Nadia Comăneci (my first memory of all things Olympics), a goosebump-inducing video titled ‘Freedom Run’ played on the national television back in the 1980s-90s and the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony, not necessarily in the particular order. Mention Olympics Games now and I will spend a healthy few minutes talking about the spectacular Panathenaic Stadium in Athens. The gleaming marble of the stadium, the podium for winners and the Olympic Games symbol etched on the…

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    Athens, Where History Lies Under the Sun #1

    Closed my eyes, took a deep breath, succumbed to a cheek splitting grin and ticked Athens off my ‘travel wish list’. And in the same breath, added the city to my ‘visit again’ list. Literally the first thing I did after returning home from a whirlwind 3 day trip to the grand old city of Athens. History has always fascinated me – it comes from being the daughter of a history teacher, I guess. My introduction to Greek civilisation was through the famous story collection Aesop’s Fables, said to have been a storyteller in Ancient Greece. I have a faint memory of a family member reading these stories to me.…