In Naoli, a global e-magazine

The more the readers, the happier I am.
Isn’t that the same for everyone who writes?
Would you say no to being published (for free) in an e-magazine that could be read by a group of people in a different (and exotic for me!) country?

And that’s the very reason why I was delighted when the editor of Naoli, a souvenir e-magazine released by the Kampala (Uganda) Durga Puja Committee, told me to send in two articles for their very first edition! I was travelling then, unable to write an exclusive article so I gave them a free rein: “Take your pick from the blog and let me know.”

They picked up two of my personal favourites – the very personal travel story “That Week in Sri Lanka” and the recipe for the lush Bengali delicacy “Mishti Doi”.

To read the travel post on the blog, click HERE
To check out the recipe for the homemade sweet yoghurt, click HERE.
And for a look at the e-magazine Naoli, click HERE or BELOW

Since Naoli is open to content contribution from Bengalis across the world, you can connect with them at to discuss contributions.

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