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    In Naoli, a global e-magazine

    The more the readers, the happier I am.Isn’t that the same for everyone who writes?Would you say no to being published (for free) in an e-magazine that could be read by a group of people in a different (and exotic for me!) country? And that’s the very reason why I was delighted when the editor of Naoli, a souvenir e-magazine released by the Kampala (Uganda) Durga Puja Committee, told me to send in two articles for their very first edition! I was travelling then, unable to write an exclusive article so I gave them a free rein: “Take your pick from the blog and let me know.” They picked up…

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    In Tripcrafters’ post featuring Top Food Bloggers & Favourites

    Yes, I got featured. And being appreciated for work that is fuelled by your passion maters, a lot! It matters when a travel industry expert appreciates your work and provides a platform where you can share likes/dislikes. All of this while rubbing (virtual) shoulders with some of the most popular bloggers in town. “Top Indian Food Bloggers & Their Favourite Places to Travel for Food” is a compilation of thoughts shared by bloggers. As Team Tripcrafters says about food bloggers, “…they scourge, they cook, they plate, they travel, they eat; to satisfy their souls as well as their readers.” One of the main reasons I agreed to be a part…