15 of the best virtual tours #Part2

Picking up from the previous post where I’d gushed over some of the museums, heritage sites and art collections that can be viewed thanks to virtual tours, here’s the second part of the list. As mentioned before (in the last post that you can read HERE), the second part of the virtual tours list includes a trip to NASA, a park, a few zoos (because who doesn’t want to watch pandas and penguins!) and an additional list of cool things on Google Arts & Culture.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Or what we know as NASA offers virtual tours through Virginia’s Langley Research Center and Ohio’s Glenn Research Center. These free tours are a lesson in all things space science with descriptions attached to videos that have a detailed voice over, explaining the facilities.
CLICK HERE Langley Research Center AND Glenn Research Center

Access Mars

Take a trip into space, to Mars through the Access Mars tour of a 3D replica of the planet’s surface as recorded by Curiosity rover – courtesy a collaboration between Google and NASA.
CLICK HERE Access Mars

Central Park, Manhattan

Feel like a walk through the green but can’t step out? Stroll through the lush Central Park, a famous Manhattan landmark that has several interesting attractions. Walk past the Imagine mosaic and Cherry Hill fountain, rest at the Bow Bridge and Lake, and walk towards Bethesda Terrace while listening to the informative audio guide.
CLICK HERE Central Park

Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, UK

The first drive-through safari park built outside Africa, the 50-year-old park has kept up with times and launched a virtual safari. The 30-minute long tour is fun and informative owing to the narration.
CLICK HERE  Longleat Safari Park

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

This California based non-profit public aquarium allows viewers access to 10 live cams – take your pick from aviary cam, coral reef cam, kelp forest cam, penguin cam (and more) to observe, learn and be delighted. Watching the jellyfish drift and the fish swim is relaxing, almost hypnotic.
CLICK HERE Monterey Bay Aquarium

Zoo Atlanta

If pandas are your soul animals, then the panda cam at the Zoo Atlanta is just the thing for you! Spend the day (or occasional minutes) watching the pandas just be themselves. They are bound to bring a smile to your face, I promise!
CLICK HERE Zoo Atlanta

Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, USA

Spread over a whopping 130,000-square-foot complex, this museum has more than 450 Harley Davidson motorcycles and uncountable artefacts from the company’s 110-year old reign.
CLICK HERE Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Museo Ducati, Bologna, Italy

With a selection of Ducati motorcycles and some other artefacts this museum is well-known for its technical documentation.
CLICK HERE Museo Ducati

Google Arts & Culture

Also known as Google Art Project until some time ago, this is Google’s online platform that allows viewers – that is you and me – to virtually tour organizations, collections, galleries etc. It’s a mesmerising space that allows you to hop, skip and jump through the world in a matter of minutes. I will give you a warning here though – time flies when it comes to Google Arts & Culture so keep an eye on that watch! Here are a few awesome tours to get you started

1 Eiffel Tower, Paris CLICK HERE

2 The Met | Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York CLICK HERE

3 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem CLICK HERE

4 Archaeological Survey of India CLICK HERE

5 The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, Bengaluru CLICK HERE

6 Hong Kong Museum of Art CLICK HERE

7 The Henry Ford, Dearborn, USA CLICK HERE

8 Street Fans CLICK HERE

9 Dr Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum, Mumbai CLICK HERE

10 National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi CLICK HERE

11 National Museum, New Delhi CLICK HERE

12 Commonwealth Fashion Council CLICK HERE

13 National Rail Museum, New Delhi CLICK HERE

*All information regarding the places mentioned have been taken from the respective places’ websites and/or Wikipedia.

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